Title : Venture Management & Entrepreneurship Venture Management
Code : MGT0523 / ITB0437
Prof. : Lee, Hong-kyu
- An entrepreneur should steer his/her ship to move forward under the storms of uncertainty and constraints of resource. This course provides an overview of such entrepreneurial process. Students are challenged to consider the appropriateness of this kind of an entrepreneurial career for themselves. Class discussion focuses on such topics as an entrepreneur, opportunity recognition, business plan, entrepreneurial financing & marketing.
- Structure the components of a new biz operation
- Distinguish an idea from an opportunity
- Prepare a solid biz plan for a biz opportunity
- Know how to find cash to fund your venture
- Know the importance of moving at e-speed
- Improve your insights as well as knowledge
- Try to have balanced and holistic views
Required Textbook : D. F. Kuratko & R. M. Hodgetts,  Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, and Practice, 6th edition, Thomson, 2004


Title : Communication and Culture
Code : MGT0515
Prof. : Han, Kwang-jub (Howard University - School of Communications)

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