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Assignment for Emerging Technologies in IT

Assignment #1

1. (Network Topology) We've discussed three types of network topology, such as star, bus, and ring. Please explain those topologies in brief respectively. And show examples of those topologies in place respectively.

2. (PCM) Explain how analog voice signal is converted into the unit of 64kbps of digital information. Explain why digital transmission is better than analog one.

3. (Mobile Generations) Explain mobile generations from 1G to 4G. Explain what the difference from the previous generations are.

4. (4G Mobile Standard) We're looking for competition among tentative standards for 4G mobile, such as LTE and WiBro. Discuss the critical points for selection of 4G mobile standard. Show your personal opinion on which standard will be selected.

Assignment #2

1. (Symbian, Google & Apple in the Mobile Space) Three different Mobile OS are competing. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of Symbian’s OS. Show your idea how Symbian’s OS survive in the mobile market against competitors. 

2.  (VoIP) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is considered as an alternative fixed phone service. Imagine the future of VoIP service and discuss how the VoIP service will change the telecom market.

3. (DMB)  Digital Mobile Broadcasting (DMB) service is one of  the converged services between broadcasting and telecom areas. Discuss how the DMB service can survive in the competitive market against various types of the converged services. 

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